Our history


STUDIOARCO+ ENGINEERING s.r.l. was established in January  2020  from the evolution of STUDIOARCO + s.t.p.a r.l. which was created in March 2015 from the evolution of Studio Arco, founded by arch. Maria Cristina Fontana together with the architect Marco Carlo Castelli. The owners of Studio Arco, along with collaborators and employees, gave life to this new professional subject whose purpose is easily traced in the logo itself. The professional experience shared in Studio Arco, now converges into a union that allows to share both human and professional experience, as well as social projects, values and moral tensions in STUDIOARCO+ ENGINEERING s.r.l. .This sharing will enable the company to handle all the works it will be entrusted to with an open and multidisciplinary approach.

STUDIOARCO+ ENGINEERING. operates in different fields: recovery, urban planning and construction, interior design, restructuring, restoration, design and urbanism in all its forms, working for both private and public entities and taking part in tenders and design contests in different subject and project areas.

Its professional portfolio includes all the projects developed up to now, projects that meet various themes such as the city, the residence, the service sector, environmental design.

The heart of the design work is always the belief that the physical space must become corporeal extension and way to express a relational, rather than simply verbal, communication. An attempt to establish relationships between people and inanimate objects, involving allusions and references to a real conversation.

The approach to design is based on continuous studies of the relation between theme and program built to give shape and implementation to the project; both implementation and realization rely on a deep social and / or cultural analysis of the background where the project will be developed and are fortified by the ongoing study, research and technological experimentation.


STUDIOARCO+ ENGINEERING s.r.l. works in a multidisciplinary way and with a flexible structure thanks to the long and constantly updated experience of its professional team in different areas. It adapts to the characteristics and needs of every single person and project, keeping always the quality of the service provided as a distinctive and essential feature.

For us, the teamwork and the work in groups is a strong incentive to search for new professional and intellectual ideas, with the aim of a constant improvement of business services, nonetheless, of the quality of people's lives and the space shape and city they live in.