Project detail:

  • Location: Cavernago (BG)
  • Client: Municipality of Cavernago (BG)

Project Description:


The drafting of the plan has been developed focusing on particularly relevant elements, on an environmental, social and urban level. Their achievement has been considered an indispensable step for the country’s redevelopment and the ambition to give back integrity and organic unity. The planning has thus taken into account and evaluated for each gradually assumed intervention:

  • the possible effects on soil, water and air;
  • the noise impact and the geological compatibility;
  • the utilities provided in the context of the functionality of urban, suburban and technological services;
  • the role of support to the system of mobility and transport accessibility;
  • the improvement of urban standards;
  • the unifying force in the field of community and social organization.

The planned infrastructure works translate into concerted actions for different areas of interest and a variety of public destinations. These actions want to have an impact on the economic development, simultaneously and synergistically, on the improvement of infrastructure and environment, on the training and supply of social services and, nonetheless, on the involvement of local actors in the implementation of the process.

At the end of the first major planning phase, five main areas of intervention have been identified, each with a specific destination and configuration. Each one has been organized in detail, having a logistics pole role, being a reference point and organic part of a wider and local reality, being essential element for a global, ambitious and harmonious conception of the town.

See the article Urbanistica Applicata.

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