Project detail:

  • Location: Cavernago (BG)
  • Client: Municipality of Cavernago (BG)

Project Description:


The urban regeneration project of Cavernago is based on the enhancement of all the elements and its historical, territorial, cultural connotations and their reorganization. The project was entirely developed with the specific aim to transform and redesign the urban structure of the town, through a decisive public action and paying special attention to the social structure you want to give life to, to the idea of ​​community you aspire to and to the way in which public works can be part of this process.

Action planning covers much of the municipality and is planned and designed considering the links with neighboring territories, with the structural, social, historical, cultural and economic peculiarities being part of the local situation (among all, the most remarkable is represented by the presence of two castles, in Cavernago and Malpaga) and on the basis of a potential expansion and the future development of the town.

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