Project detail:

  • Location: Gabicce Mare (PU)
  • Client: Municipality of Gabicce Mare (PU)

Project Description:


The Via del Porto redevelopment project involves the completion of the work carried out on this road, as well as the construction of a pedestrian underpass connecting the already existing pedestrian pathways downstream and upstream the bridge of Via della Repubblica, connecting Gabicce to Cattolica. The project complies with the administrative intention to increase the capacity of usability of public spaces with a positive impact on both the residents and all the activities related to the seaside tourism.

The underpass will allow to re-connect the pedestrian path that climbs up from the port to the dock, removing the current barrier represented by the road to Cattolica, on a higher level. The project will guarantee greater usability and security, to encourage the development of relational and social activities related to tourist activities and free time.

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