Project detail:

  • Location: Poggio Mirteto (RI)
  • Anno: 2015
  • Client: Energetic Themes

Project Description:


The method for the preparation of the General Variation of U.G.T.P. of Poggio Mirteto will lead to the drafting of the Plan that will have the setup features of “Eco-museum of Well-Living and Well-Being” an so realize an eco-innovative-sustainable system of development of the  Municipality and surrounding area. The Designer will use an interdisciplinary approach to analyze and evaluate the Territory, starting from different points of view, to draw up a specific Regulations action and a graphic Definition of the environmental and landscape system of Poggio Mirteto (Rieti). The setup of the new U.G.T.P. meets the following requirements:

  • participated planning through the Urban-LAB;
  • extended reading skills of the specificities of places and communities involved;
  • clear distinction of what is required, what it is negotiable and what is free;
  • simplicity and flexibility of application of standards and rules;
  • monitoring of the evolution of the future City.

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