Project detail:

  • Location: Casirate d'Adda (BG)
  • Client: Municipality of Casirate d'Adda (BG)

Project Description:


The Municipality of Casirate d’Adda, through the Territory Planing Programme, believes it is essential to promote local policies to respect the environment and the territory for a real improvement in the quality of life for residents. This improvement will be implemented with a management inspired by the dictates of sustainable development, respectful of environmental resources, as well as updated in respect of the existing assets.

Starting from an analysis of the existing and the identification of the concrete historical, urban and environmental values of the town, it is possible to develop safeguard assumptions,  characterize a quality living model and benefit from the opportunities, leading to the proper management, conservation and upgrading of the urban and rural setting.

The needs of citizens and the quality of life are the basis of the strategic lines of action for the formulation of the new municipal development instrument, aiming to be the opportunity to explore the potential and possibilities for the future of the town.

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