For us, the teamwork and the work in groups is a strong incentive to search for new professional and intellectual ideas, with the aim of a constant improvement of business services, nonetheless, of the quality of people's lives and the space shape and city they live in.

Design and architectural planning, environmental, urban planning, electrical systems and home automation. Service for public and private entities.
Design and development of functional objects and improvement solutions of urban areas. Interior design for private and public buildings.
Consulting services in our areas of competence and specialization. Our team provides evaluations and appraisals in the various areas we deal with.


Check-out the section concerning our projects. You will find our complete updated portfolio, divided in sector areas.

Aria di Kyoto

A totally sustainable project, highly efficient from an energy point of view and strongly characterized by the choice of sustainable materials.

It features…

Three places…a future

From a historical analysis, the city turns out to be an attractive center for the area, thanks to  its historical and cultural,…

Vegetable garden in the center

The “vegetable garden in the center” project was born from the idea to revitalize the village emphasizing the landscape and its environmental…


1st action: restoration and renovation of the theater and scout headquarter;

2nd action: restoration and renovation of the spaces and building of a…


The Via del Porto redevelopment project involves the completion of the work carried out on this road, as well as the construction…


The attention and care of public spaces are an important signal of the human, economic and cultural dimension of a city, an…