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The project adheres to the Lombardy Region’s call “Interventions aimed at the start of urban regeneration processes,” which is aimed at the implementation of public interventions related to areas/properties of public ownership and public interest aimed at the start of urban regeneration processes, in relation to the urban regeneration strategies of the municipality, as well as as an action of investment incentive for economic recovery. In order to seize the opportunity generated by the regional call, the Technical Office of the Municipality of Bracca (BG) has prepared the Technical-Economic Feasibility Study concerning the interventions of “Recovery, redevelopment and functional adaptation Ex Albergo Fonte Bracca”.
The main objective of the design intervention of recovery and re-functionalization of the former Fonte Bracca Hotel is to bring back to life a landmark of the Bergamo mountain territory: in the past, the property was of great importance due to its strategic position at the beginning of the Serina Valley, and near an ancient water spring to which beneficial properties were attributed.
Considering that the original building dates back to the early 1900s, to which changes have been made with the interventions implemented during the course of time, it was necessary to develop a careful analysis of the state of affairs in order to develop a restoration and renovation project that is placed within a process of urban regeneration. The interior spaces were designed so that they could accommodate new functions to serve the area.

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