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Following the Covid-19 emergency, the Region of Lombardy approved the Program of Interventions for Economic Recovery provided for by Regional Law No. 9/2020, so-called “Lombardy Plan,” with the aim of introducing into the Lombard economy resources intended to activate the public investment chain in an attempt to accompany the economic recovery of the regional production sector.
Among the works included in the annexes of the Regional Council resolution is the intervention of “Construction of the Antegnate – Barbata bicycle and pedestrian path along SS11,” with regional funding.
The intervention involves the construction of a section of bicycle/pedestrian path connecting the municipalities of Antegnate (BG) and Barbata (BG), and consistent with the provisions of the current municipal TMP, it aims to stitch together sections of the existing bicycle networks in the two municipalities through the construction of about 400m of bicycle/pedestrian path. The connection between the two municipalities takes place thanks to a homogeneous and continuous path that intersects with the contiguous stretches of track leading both towards the inhabited centers and towards the residential, commercial, industrial, artisan and rural peripheral areas, with the aim of defining a “backbone” of bicycle-pedestrian path that offers a valid alternative to the use of motor vehicles to reduce emissions, while enhancing sustainable mobility for the fruition of the routes and historical and naturalistic places in the territory.

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