Aria di Kyoto

Project detail:

  • Location: Municipality of Caravaggio (BG)
  • Client: Private

Project Description:


A totally sustainable project, highly efficient from an energy point of view and strongly characterized by the choice of sustainable materials.

It features a wooden curved roof, a coverage in multilayered soundproof plates with corrugated steel profile and coated with ventilated pre-painted aluminum sheet, with insertion of solar panels and photovoltaic systems. The heating is underfloor and consists of a heat pump placed in the thermal plant, powered by a photovoltaic system, generating electricity, and by a geothermal source. As mentioned above, the production of domestic hot water is delegated to the solar thermal system which provides the entire requirement. The cooling system provides outdoor units placed on the roof and interior units positioned in the false ceilings of some corridors, so that the fresh air is distributed along conduits. Exterior windows and doors are made of pre-painted aluminum with insulated glass 6/7 – 15- 6/7 Low-E with argon gas 0.70 and with adjustable electric sunshades to settle the indoor irradiation. The whole design has been carefully reviewed with the customer to verify it could meet his needs and expectations and to share all the values ​​and objectives of every single design choice.

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