Project detail:

  • Location: Tolentino (MC)
  • Client: Municipality of Tolentino (MC)

Project Description:


From a historical analysis, the city turns out to be an attractive center for the area, thanks to  its historical and cultural, other than infrastructural unity and for its public services. Much has been done, but the attention has also been diverted from what a city should have to “work well”, that’s to say a “system making”. This “system” of desires is made of pleasant meetings, cultural life, public life and leisure.

Based on these considerations, we have identified a system of squares in the old town center referring to the three places of the town’s power, bound together by the cardo and leading along the shopping street to the bridge and equipped area of Lido. Piazza dell’Incontro, or Piazza Martiri di Montalto. Piazza della Cultura, or Piazza Niccolò Mauruzi. Piazza della Repubblica, or Piazza della Libertà. Tolentino Lido, which is the whole area running along the north bank of the river and part of the southern shore, east of the bridge.

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