Altarello: The Generosity Terrace

Project detail:

  • Location: Costa Serina (BG)
  • Year: 2018
  • Cient: Municipality of Costa Serina (BG)

Project Description:


In this project, the company Studioarco+ tackled with an area which wasn’t designed as a public place in beginning however, turned into a more defined “place” over time, through daily routine of the citizens. The area is positioned along roadside and conditions were precarious in terms of safety. Studioarco+ wanted to realize this project with a panoramic terrace overlooking the fascinating view of Val Serina, serving both local population and tourists who have second houses and mostly visit during holidays, “a place of beauty, socialization and relief” and a meeting point for all. Encounter is supported through the white concrete urban furniture which is designed specifically for this area. The benches, organized in a half circle form with two different sitting possibilities, embrace all terrace and emphasis the sense of community. The fountains’ form also recalls a hug and provides drinkable water via three different taps in different levels; first tap for adults, second one for children and disabled, lastly the third tap for animals. The mesh designed by Studioarco+ serves to mask a technical shaft and evoke the surrounding vegetation with its’ diverse pattern of micro holes. The red maple instead is planted to create a significant contrast with the white concrete urban furniture and with the green mesh in order to remind the iconographic importance of the Italian flag; “one flag, one unique community”. This reasoning puts emphasis on the concept of a city for everyone which belongs to all disregard their beliefs and different background.

A project besides being a monument for active citizenship, states the value of solidarity within beauty, since “beauty will save the world and solidarity can make this happen”.

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